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(ID: 266) | Specific skill recruitment site | Hello Japan

[Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, Osaka Airport, Fukuoka Airport] Airport ground handling work✨
You can work at an international airport!Those who want to make use of foreign languages✨ Inexperienced OK! 2 days a week / 100% overtime pay!

Multinational staffThe salary is highDormitory or rent subsidy availableThe workplace is beautifulXNUMX days a week...Show all

Aviation industry


You can work in Japan while feeling a little of the overseas atmosphere!
The elements of choosing a job are different for each person, but salary, stability, work environment, welfare benefits, and "rewarding" are not important.
Shall we?The workplace we provide is a workplace where you can work with customers from various countries and colleagues from various countries.Due to irregular working hours, we have a strict overtime policy.

Admission Information

Recruiting company name (Boshu Kigyomei)private
Industry (Gyoshu)Aviation industry
Occupation typeAirport ground handling (Kukou Grand Hand Ring)
Contents of work (work) (not)▼Airplane Guidance
Guide the aircraft to a safe fixed position.Attach the fasteners that fix the tires so that the plane does not move.
▼Connecting the boarding bridge
At the same time as connecting the bridge to the boarding gate, the boarding gate is opened and closed.
<After arrival>
▼ Unloading containers, etc.
Cargo in the cabin and large containers are unloaded using equipment called a "high lift loader".At the sorting area, baggage is sorted, and the person in charge checks the numbers.
▼ Loading baggage and cargo
We will load your checked baggage and cargo.
<Departure time>
When all the work is completed, remove the machine that was used until then from the fuselage.Then use a special vehicle to push the plane onto the taxiway.
We line up to see off the planes heading to the runway.At this moment, you can get a sense of accomplishment that you have successfully completed the ground handling job.
Enrollment status of seniors and colleagues of foreign nationalityVietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal, Cambodia, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Mongolia and other nationalities
Work location (kinmuchi)Tokyo Chiba Fukuoka Osaka
Salary★Monthly salary: From 182,000 yen *Overtime pay is paid separately
★Bonus: Once a year in October (¥1 to ¥10) *depending on performance, work attitude, and individual ability
Salary increase: Yes (once a year)
Holidays and vacationsFive days off per week, paid vacation, congratulatory or condolence leave, etc.
Treatment and welfare programs・There is a system of rented company housing (70% of the rent for the rental property is paid by the company),
・There is a dormitory for singles (may be entered depending on availability. If you cannot enter, there is a rent subsidy system. Eligible people only),
・Commuting by car is possible (with parking lot),
・Uniform rental,
・ Maternity leave / childcare leave system available (some seniors actually continue to work using the system),
・Flight tickets provided by contracted airlines, various discounts at accommodation facilities and restaurants, qualification acquisition support system
Working hours (Kinmujikan)9:00-18:00 (subject to change)
Application conditions (Obojoken)Japanese: Conversation N4~
・ Those who can do their best seriously
Japanese levelJFT-Basic, JLPT4
Interview and methodDocument screening → online interview → job offer
Features (Tokucho)Multinational staff, high salary, dormitory or rent subsidy, clean workplace, XNUMX days off per week, bonus Yes, shift work, pay raise system, overtime allowance, visa support, training system


Company name (Kigyomei)Proud Partners Co., Ltd.
AddressShinjuku Front Tower 2F, 21-1-28 Kita-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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