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(ID: 446) | Specific skill recruitment site | Hello Japan

[Domestic residents welcome] N2 welcome/ Kitchen staff ★ Dormitory available ★

Multinational staffThe salary is highDormitory or rent subsidy availableThe workplace is beautifulShift work (Kinmu)...Show all

Restaurant business


Admission Information

Recruiting company name (Boshu Kigyomei)private
Industry (Gyoshu)Restaurant business
Occupation typeGeneral restaurant business (cooking food and drink, customer service, store management)
Contents of work (work) (not)I'll leave the kitchen work to you. (Sometimes I have to work in customer service, but I mainly work in the kitchen because orders are taken using a tablet.)
Enrollment status of seniors and colleagues of foreign nationalityVietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal, Cambodia, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Mongolia and other nationalities
Work location (kinmuchi)Kanto, Tokyo, Aichi prefecture
Salary25-30 yen
Holidays and vacations8 days off per month
Treatment and welfare programs◇ Dormitories and company housing available 
(Rent: 3 yen per month, fully equipped with electrical appliances)
Working hours (Kinmujikan)Shift system
●10:00-23:00 (shift system)
・1 hours a day from the above time
*Working hours may vary depending on the store.
Application conditions (Obojoken)Domestic residents, no experience required, but those with restaurant experience preferred
Japanese levelJLPT1, JLPT2, JLPT3
Features (Tokucho)Multinational staff, high salary, dormitory or rent assistance available, clean workplace, shift work, Japanese language Study support available, visa support available, those with technical training experience welcome, international students welcome.

Corporate Profile

Company name (Kigyomei)Prime Ark Co., Ltd.
Address106-0041 4-XNUMX-XNUMX Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo Iikura IT Building XNUMXth floor

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