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(ID: 388) | Specific skill recruitment site | Hello Japan

Formwork construction (Katawakuseko) Monthly salary 230,000~ Okayama Prefecture

Multinational staffThe salary is highDormitory or rent subsidy availableThere is a year-end and New Year holidaysThere is a salary increase system...Show all

Construction industry


This is the job of creating the form before concrete is poured, such as creating the foundation for a building.
It's a job that requires physical strength, but if you work hard, you'll be evaluated more highly for your efforts, and your salary will be higher. Ryo) will also be uploaded.

Admission Information

Recruiting company name (Boshu Kigyomei)private
Industry (Gyoshu)Construction industry
Occupation typeFormwork construction
Contents of work (work) (not)Formwork construction
Enrollment status of seniors and colleagues of foreign nationalityVietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal
Work location (kinmuchi)Okayama
SalaryMonthly salary: 23 to 29 yen
Salary explanation (Setsumei)If you work hard, you will be evaluated based on your efforts, and your salary will also increase.
Holidays and vacationsSunday
Treatment and welfare programsPaid holidays, overtime pay, etc.
Working hours (Kinmujikan)8:00-17:00 Hours may vary depending on the nature of the work.
2 hours break
Application conditions (Obojoken)First-time visitors are welcome. Those who have completed Technical Intern Training No. 2 are welcome.
Japanese levelJLPT3, JLPT4
Interview and methodThe interview will be held online.
Features (Tokucho)Multinational staff, high salary, dormitory or rent assistance, year-end and New Year holidays, salary increase system Overtime pay is available, and those with technical training experience are welcome.


Company name (Kigyomei)cooperative neutral plan
AddressHaru Office No. 202, 3-2-22 Seikibashi, Kita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture

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Tobi Monthly salary 230,000~ Okayama Prefecture

If you try hard, you will be evaluated based on how hard you worked.

Muryo dormitory available! Fishing in a peaceful town...

Social insurance premiums, employment insurance premiums, food expenses (200 yen/meal for those who wish)

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