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(ID: 330) | Specific skill recruitment site | Hello Japan

Working at an Italian restaurant (making gourd)

Multinational staffThe salary is highMeal assistance availableClose to the stationTransportation expenses (kotsuuhi) payment (shikyu)...Show all

Restaurant business

Tokyo Shokusai Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Shokusai Kabushiki Gaisha)

Check out how things are going! !

You can see your customers from the open kitchen!

It's a large and spacious restaurant.

Let's work together! !

This is an Italian restaurant with a lot of friendly and young staff!

  • I'm cutting vegetables, making bread, and roasting!

  • I make drinks, clean up the hall, bring food, and make drinks!

  • After lunch, we will all have a nice meal together and then have a meal💤

Admission Information

Recruiting company name (Boshu Kigyomei)Tokyo Shokusai Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Shokusai Kabushiki Gaisha)
Industry (Gyoshu)Restaurant business
Occupation typeGeneral restaurant business (cooking food and drink, customer service, store management)
Contents of work (work) (not)・Work to prepare food at an Italian restaurant
・Working in the hall at an Italian restaurant
Enrollment status of seniors and colleagues of foreign nationalityVietnam, other nationalities
Work location (kinmuchi)Tokyo metropolitan area
TransportationNakameguro 2 minutes
Iidabashi 4 minutes
Gotanda 1 minute
Shinjuku (Shinjuku) 5 minutes
Ebisu (Ebisu) 2 minutes
Ikebukuro 6 minutes
Salary250,000 Yen
Salary explanation (Setsumei)Including overtime pay
Holidays and vacationsGood night on the 8th of the month
Treatment and welfare programsAll social insurance is available.
Working hours (Kinmujikan)10:30-15:00
(From 15:00 to 18:00, clean up and clean up)
Application conditions (Obojoken)Specific skill [eating out] method
Japanese levelJFT-Basic, JLPT1, JLPT2, JLPT3, JLPT4
Interview and methodPlease come to our restaurant in Iidabashi.There will be one interview
Features (Tokucho)Multinational staff, high salary, meal assistance available, close to the station, transportation expenses provided, summer vacation Year-end and New Year holidays, XNUMX days off per week, shift work, salary increase system available, consultation available for part-time workers Visa support available, training system available, people with technical training experience welcome, international students welcome.


Company name (Kigyomei)Tokyo food color
Address4-1-31 503 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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