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(ID: 324) | Specific skill recruitment site | Hello Japan

Nursing care work (unit-type special care)_Toshima Ward, Tokyo

Multinational staffThe salary is highWith bonusThere is a salary increase systemOvertime allowance is available

Long-term care (kaigo)

Nursing care

Admission Information

Recruiting company name (Boshu Kigyomei)Nursing care
Industry (Gyoshu)Long-term care (kaigo)
Occupation typePhysical care, etc. (bathing, meals, assistance for excretion, etc.) (Shintai Kaigo, etc .: Nyuyo, Shokuji, Kaijo, etc.)
Contents of work (work) (not)Assisting users with eating, bathing, excretion, etc.
General care for daily life, recreation, rehabilitation assistance, etc.
Enrollment status of seniors and colleagues of foreign nationalityVietnam, Indonesia, China, Myanmar
Work location (kinmuchi)Tokyo
SalaryAfter being appointed as a regular employee
Monthly salary: 23.7-31.9 yen
Salary explanation (Setsumei)Basic salary will be determined based on educational background and work history in Japan.
Final educational background: High school graduate 150,000 yen, junior college/vocational school 160,000 yen, university graduate 170,000 yen
There is also an additional bonus based on your career history. (*According to our company regulations)
Holidays and vacations4-week 8-day system *Holidays are based on the monthly work schedule (requests for desired days off can be made in advance)
Year-end and New Year holidays, summer vacation, spring vacation, autumn vacation, annual paid vacation: 10 days (after 6 months), maternity leave, childcare leave
Treatment and welfare programs・Subsidy available: 6,000 yen/month *9,000 yen/month for certified care workers (amount depends on qualifications and years of service) *Part-time, full-time employees, etc.
Also applicable
・Bonus: Twice a year (calculation months April to September ⇒ paid in December, calculation months October to March ⇒ paid in July)
・Salary increase: Once a year (April/For employees who have been employed for more than 1 year)
・Uniform rental complete with various social insurance
・Childcare facility available
・ There is a retirement allowance system (3 years or more of service)
・Re-employment system available (until age 65)
・In-house training and corporate training available
・Certification acquisition congratulatory payment system available
・Staff social gathering fee of 500 yen and travel savings of 1500 yen will be deducted from your monthly salary.
Working hours (Kinmujikan)・07:00-16:00 (early shift) ・09:00-18:00 (day shift)
・11:00-20:00 (late shift) ・13:00-22:00 (late shift)
・16:30~09:30 (night shift)
Application conditions (Obojoken)■Mandatory requirements (MUST)
・Those who have acquired or are planning to acquire the residence status of specific skill “nursing care”
・Those who can input on a PC (no problem as long as you can do the minimum input)
Japanese levelJLPT2, JLPT3
Interview and methodOne web interview possible
Features (Tokucho)Multinational staff, high pay, bonuses, pay increases, overtime pay


Company name (Kigyomei)Shinnawa Co., Ltd.
AddressXNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX Miyama, Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture

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Nursing care

Overtime allowance: Yes (Average overtime hours: Last year's results: About 30 hours a month) Estimated overtime work: 1,340 yen/hour Commuting allowance: Yes (upper limit) Bonuses: Yes (once a year) Last year's results: 1 month Salary raise: Yes (once a year) ■Other allowances: ■Night shift allowance: Uniform 1 yen ■Counselor allowance: 1 yen for qualified employees, 5,360 yen for those with work experience ■Executive allowance: 1 yen

We are recruiting nursing care staff in Tokyo!

Miscellaneous expenses such as night shift allowance and Japanese language allowance will be paid separately.Salary increase: Yes (once a year) Bonus available (twice a year/June and December) *1 yen each time

◆Recruitment of specific skilled nursing staff in Tokyo◆

Basic salary + transportation expenses, qualification allowance, night allowance

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